Over 40,000 sq. ft. of hangar space

covered and enclosed hangars for long or short term leases


Bradley Ezell

For any hangar arrangements please contact me either via phone or email

Phone: 601-693-7282 X 205

Email: bezell@meridianairport.com



Complimentary hot dogs, popcorn, and soft-serve ice cream.


Relax in our Pilot's Lounge with free wi-fi and 75" screen TV.


Fuel Farm

Our goal is to provide fuel that exceeds FAA, DoD and airline industry standards.  Line Service Techs ensure we dispense clean Jet-A and AVGAS by rigorous testing and evaluation of fuel samples daily.  All stages of fuel handling (receiving/storage/dispensing) are performed utilizing detailed quality control measures. 



Contact flightservices@meridianairport.com with any fueling questions.

Chris Gilbert
Fuel Quality Control Manager